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New for @mashable

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Beautifully drawn Star Wars heroines, by artist Wojtek Fus.

You can follow Cinema/Gorgeous on Facebook for more beautiful art.

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Illustrated World Cup:

I am very excited for this year’s world cup, and as a small personal project in between other bits I’ve got going on, I’ve started drawing a bunch of the footballers taking part.

Here they are, divided into groups. Fun likeness practice, and playing with textures to try and convey some movement/energy.

If you’re following me on twitter or instagram @matthew_brazier , you will be seeing more of these on a regular basis, as I will be continuing on a match by match basis too!

Any/all feedback welcome as it’s a slightly looser/newer/rougher way of working. Monoprint/inks, coloured digitally.

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Jordan Kasey

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Let’s rejoice in the beautiful game

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